Paulo Vasconcelos – Dissertation Master in Electrical and Computers Engineering

Thesis Proposal

Proponent: Paulo André da Silva Vasconcelos

Title: Control and monitoring systems: benefits that may have to use of communications equipment

Areas envolved: Telecommunications, Networks, Planning, Management and Optimization

Advisor at FEUP: Prof. Dr. José Fernando de Oliveira

Advisor at the Company: Mr. Kris Van Ackerbroeck


Compressed air is one of the most important utilities in the industry. It is also one of the biggest costs (investment, maintenance and energy consumption).

The aim of this project is the evaluation of the various benefits that it is possible to achieve with the control and monitoring equipment of the production and treatment compressed air.

It is currently intended that the costs of production (energy consumption is the most significant) are continuously reduced, without the availability and quality of compressed air are jeopardized.

Workplace: Atlas Copco Airpower (Belgium, Antwerp)