September 2004: The MSc in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (MIETE) started in September 2004 with support with of the HiTEC Centre Team at the North Carolina State University in the setting up of the so-called TEC Sequence. The TEC Sequence wasdeveloped by the HiTEC Centre at the North Carolina State University and made available in Portugal by COTEC Portugal – Associação Empresarial para a Inovação.

It was an excelent collaboration whose results we were already able to witness. It is the objective of MIETE to provide technology-based entrepreneurship training promoting the development and launching of new businesses.

March 2006: IDEAVITY, 1st entreprise is launched by former MIETE students.

October 2006: submited the proposal for adaptation of MIETE to a 2nd Cycle Bolonha.

February 2007Tomorrow Options Microelectronics S.A ., 2nd enterprise launched by former MIETE students.

April 2008Ownersmark S.A. 3rd enterprise launched by former MIETE students.

November 2008: Polight (Ownersmark S.A) wins BES Innovation Prize 2008

2009: Tomorrow Options Microelectronics starts its activity in UK. Tomorrow options is awarded a Prize by UK Trade&Investment (read interview with Alexander Ellis, British Embassador in Portugal).

May2009: 2nd MIETE International Advisory Board Meeting

September 2009: MIETE registers 68 applications for 25 vacancies for the 2009/11 edition

October 2010: The Social Entrepreneurship project “Projecto Construir” starts

January 2011: Metablue, medical device

2011/12: Scootzz starts incubation at UPTEC