Workshop at the Critical Technical Practice Lab

The Critical Technical Practice Lab, where I am based at M-ITI, has a new blog to disseminate the activities that take place there. In a recent post, there is some more info about a workshop we are doing with a group of youth who participate in the Esc@Up program in Câmara de Lobos. These youth, and the Esc@Up program, are part of the project I’m undertaking as fieldwork. Check it out!


STS Italia: Sociotechnical Environments proceedings published

I’m pleased to report that the proceedings from STS Italia: Sociotechnical Environments have been published and are available for download.

This volume is comprised of a peer-reviewed selection of papers which were delivered at the 6th STS Italia conference in Trento, Italy in November 2016. My accepted paper is entitled “Artist as Science Communicator”:

Artists and designers working with scientists or science–related topics in their work often work in ways which partially mirror the science communicator. In this paper I demonstrate that artists working on long–term investigative projects with science have a unique role to play which adds more nuance to the overall ‘straight’ science communication offering. I examine three case studies: Paper Moon, a multimedia installation by designer Ilona Gaynor; The International Space Orchestra, an ongoing performance project by designer Nelly Ben Hayoun; and Cloud Maker, an experimental object by artist Karolina Sobecka. My paper will describe the unusual merits of these three cases as science communication in addition to their status as art objects, from my perspective of having worked closely with the artists on the works as commissioning curator.