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Extra extra… The 360° immersive documentary I produced, “Bailinha: O Mestre Calafate” (Director: António Baía Reis) had its première on May 2 at the Museu de Imprensa Madeira. The première was covered with a full-page spread in the Diário de Notícias Madeira on May 1 and follow-up coverage after the event.

The 360° 3D documentary is seven minutes long and reveals the craft of master boatbuilder Jorge Oliveira, otherwise known as “Bailinha”. One of the locations shot in the film, Bailinha’s studio, is no longer there: Bailinha was evicted shortly after filming, so that a hotel could be built on that spot.

Documentário em RV evoca mestre calafate ‘Bailinha’

Realizador do documentário ‘Bailinha – O Mestre Calafate’ dedica trabalho “à paixão pela arte e ao talento deste homem”