Coding for Social Impact

I’m pleased to announce that as part of my work with the youth of the Malvinas bairro in C├ómara de Lobos, we will be collaborating with the Coding for Social Impact project at FEUP.

What is the Coding for Social Impact project about?

Empowering social innovators with minimal tech
Coding for Social Impact is a space to foster the collaboration between social entrepreneurs, technologists, creatives, changers, supporters, “you name it”… all those passionate about building minimal tech to effectively support concrete societal needs with high impact.

I proposed to develop a platform for Malvinas residents called “As nossas Malvinas” (Our Malvinas) which will serve to be a hub for documenting the change currently taking place in the bairro.

Also to empower the youth of the bairro, they will choose roles to take on in relation to the project team, learning from the inside out how the technologies they use are built.

I’m looking very much forward to working with the youth and the team at FEUP on this! Eu estou muito animada!