STS Italia conference: Sociotechnical Environments

I’m pleased to be presenting at the STS Italia annual conference this November. The theme is “Sociotechnical Environments” and the organizers describe the theme thusly:

“…we are conscious that everyday and professional environments we inhabit are increasingly shaped by science, technology and innovation processes. However, these environments are not mere results of technical solutions and rational choices, but they rather emerge from a collective, dynamic and open-ended process of co-production, involving social arrangements and technoscientific processes, human actors and material artifacts, natural resources and cultural frameworks. At the same time, reflecting on the sociotechnical co-production of our social world brings to the foreground the relationship between technoscientific innovation and natural environment, turning environmental practices, politics and materialities as decisive focal points for the current research in multiple fields and intellectual domains.”

I’m presenting in the track entitled “Communicating Research in Public” and my paper, “Artist as Science Communicator”, looks at the practice of artists which could also be considered a form of science communication, and how the novel methods of production and display by artists contribute to STS dialogue on publics of science.

Hope to see you in Trento!


Creative Colab

For my seminar class with Professor Joana Resende, we produced an event about creative collaboration called Creative Colab at UPTEC PINC.

Our three themes in the seminar were storytelling, audiences/markets, and interactivity. Representing these themes we invited speakers Valentina Nisi, Ana Correio de Barros, and Peter Beyls. It was moderated by media personality Daniel Catalão.

The talks were great, but you don’t have to take my word for it — the whole event was streamed and the archive of the stream is on YouTube! Check it out: [youtube width=”560″ height=”315″][/youtube]

Big thank you to Professor Resende and my amazing colleagues!