Q: ProcessPAIR and Process Dashboard require different Java versions. How to handle this?

A:  In Regedit, edit the entry  JavaSoft -> Java Runtime Environment -> CurrentVersion, and change from 1.8 to 1.7 for Process Dashboard.

Q: in Mac, I have trouble in copying the contents of the Indicator View with the “Copy Image” button.

A: Before copying, put the ProcessPAIR window in full screen.

Q: in Windows 10, when I double click the ProcessPAIR_Win.jar file nothing happens.

A: Try to run from the command line: java -jar ProcessPAIR_Win.jar (or Win32.jar). It may be a problem of Java version (32 bits versus 64 bits). Make sure the java version and ProcessPAIR versions are compatible (both 32 or 64).