Step 1. Check prerequisites

  • Currently, you need a computer running the Windows or Mac OS X operating system
  • You need to have Java 8 installed

Step 2. Download ProcessPAIR tool

The ProcessPAIR tool, version 3.1, is available as a self executable jar file (Java archive) from the following links:

Step 3. Download calibration file

Download ProcessPAIRCalibration.xml. This is a calibration file needed by ProcessPAIR. It was generated from a large PSP data set referring to more than 3,000 PSP students.

Step 4. (Optional) Download examples of inputs files 

Before trying ProcessPAIR with your own data, you may find useful to test ProcessPAIR with one of the following data files, with performance data from PSP users:

Step 5. Run ProcessPAIR

  • Windows : just execute by double clicking the ProcessPAIR_Win.jar (or Win32) file
    • Alternatively, execute from the command line: java -jar ProcessPAIR_Win.jar (or Win32)
  • Mac OS X: execute the command:   java  -jar  -XstartOnFirstThread  ProcessPAIR_Mac.jar

See the Introduction to ProcessPAIR tutorial for instructions on how to use ProcessPAIR.

Step 6. Generate Final Report Template

  • Click on “Generate Final Report” button
  • Specify location to save the the HTML file (Final
    Report Template)
  • Open the HTML file, select (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C) all the contents to MS word file for further discussion