The research to be carried out in this PhD work is focused on the identification, development and demonstration of the technical feasibility of innovative solutions to actively exploit different resources – the electrical vehicles (EV), controllable loads and micro-generation – under the MicroGrid (MG) concept during emergency conditions (islanding and black start).

Regarding EV, they are envisaged as active and flexible elements of the future grid, being able to increase MG resilience during emergency (islanding or black start) operation.  When connected to the grid, EV can behave as highly controllable loads or as flexible energy storage devices that can provide power to the grid under the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) concept.

This PhD work is integrated in the on-going FCT Project “Microgrids+EV: Identification of Control and Management Strategies for Microgrids with Plugged-in Electric Vehicles”, where it will be possible to build laboratorial facilities to support the research activities. The work to be developed will be supported by extensive numerical simulation and laboratorial tests in order to achieve and validate robust control solutions.

This page presents the motivation behind the work, the objectives and the research plan outlined for this PhD work. The publications resultant from this work as well as the documents produced along the research work can also be found in this page.