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How to start a business?

March 12th, 2009 by mie08007

I believe that there are people that start a business because of its instinct and/or personality. But I am not one of that persons, negotiation isn’t one of my top skills. Even so, I’m looking for problems which I can have a (better) solution, where me and the society can have mutual profit. And maybe, just maybe, I will end up creating a new bussiness. On this research I’ve defined personal demands, that I hope it will help me getting into my objective:

  • Be observant;
  • Question everything, everywhere, anytime. Is it right? Can it be done diferently? Can it be improved?
  • Be conscious. There are many things to be learn. Wecan’t learn everything. Everyone has something to teach;
  • Be courageous to surpass the barriers: disappointings, creativity, social needs, …;
  • Have my objectives and mission well defined (in short, medium and long term).

And I have found information about persons that are genuine role models for entrepreneurs. One this persons with which I identif is Kihachiro Onitsuka founder of ASICS.


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