Product technologies


So today we are searching for technologies to use in the development of our project. So far we settled on Ruby on Rails for the web and server and Android for the native mobile part.

For the web mobile part we are still unsure but will mostly be custom views for mobile devices.

Check in next week and we may have a functional prototype by then!


RER delivery

Hey there!

Here we are to show how our project is going! Today we will deliver the Requirements report. We have been working hard on it, not only for the grade but also to catch our possible investor’s eye. We also have some pictures to prove it.

In this picture, we were organizing our user stories in a time-necessity way. It means to order them horizontally in time and vertically in priority. This way, we can check which stories depend on others to be done and which ones can be executed at the same time.

Well this last picture shows our hard work to deliver a good report in time. Angela was taking the picture. Next time, she’ll be on the picture!