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Other Labs and Intitutes in Portugal

Apart from Porto University, many other universities in the country are betting high on bioengineering research, being themselves leaders in science and technology development. They have many interesting projects going on in emerging areas, such as biomaterials, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, genetic therapies, medical robotics and bionics, among others.


Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineeering – IST



Champalimaud Foundation

Insttuto Superiro Tecnico da UTL

Insttuto Gulbenkian


Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia


Instituto 3B


Brain and Image Network

Assotiation for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light an Image

Center for Neurosciences and Biology


Sociedade Portuguesa de Robotica


Labs and Institutes in UPorto


Here are the links to some institutes and faculties affiliated to Porto University doing reaearch in bioengineering, health sciences and other related areas. I found these the most relevant in the context of my academical program, but the list doesn’t cover all them all. However, it’s a good start-up.

Instituto de Engenharia Biomedica (INEB)

Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular (IBMC)






Faculdade de Medicina da UP

Instituto de Ciencias Biomedicas Abel Salazar

Faculdade de Medicina da UP


UMIB – Unit for Multidisciplinary Investigation in Biomedicine>Laboratorio de sistemas e tecnologia subsaquatica/a>

Parque de Ciencia e Tecnologia da UP

<a href=""Departamento de Fisica e Astronomia da UP


Research Fundings

Research Funding

There is handful of Foundations and governmental or private institutions that offer students and researchers grants to support theis activities in University and Intitute context. Those professionals benefit from a finantial support for the period of their activities and can be integrated in ongoing projects or propose a new research project. The confitions depend on the foundation. Below you can check some relevant links.

Useful Links

UP Innovation website

Bolsas da Fundação de Ciencia e Tecnologia

Agenda da Inovação

Bolsas Fullbright

Instituto Gulbenkian

Fundadação Luso Americana


Welcome to The BioEngineer Journal!

This blog is dedicated to provide some (hopefully) useful information for the bioengineering students out there, either those currently taking the MIB program now or the future students to come to FEUP!

The motivation for starting this blog was the fact that, as a student of Biomedical Engineering, I came to realise over time that there was a  somewhat gap in the information reaching the students about important things regarding the professional and research activity going on in the bioengineering world.

Of course, it is expected that student show a healthy interest and effort in get into what’s going on in this field of engineering ever since their first year. However, during my 4 years in the program I always got the impression that students were not really oriented towards getting envolved and active in integrationg research projects or doing internships in labs or enterprises. Though the last semester of the program is specifically reserved to do so, it is very important that students start as early as possible in the academic path, as well as gathering information on both national and international research institutions and enterprises, their focus areas of research and projects, Universities world wide and their programme offer.

Being active student in that sense is very profitable in that students can early define what areas of work interest them and fit them best, but also gain a wide and clear view on the current scientific and technological panorama, allowing them to better chose and evaluate the Institute or University where they might want to pursue their professional activity or studies.

It was with these goals in mind that I decided to put together the most relevant information that I myself gathered throughout the past, say, two years and share it with whoever might feel to be in the same situation and in need for some quick search sum-up.

In this blog you will the links for some National and INternational funding and R&D institutions, as well as Universitites, enterprises, associations, and also employement databases. I should stress out that an emphasis is given to the resources more related to Biomedical Engineering (since that’s my specialization), but in the the future I will also post any relevant links regrading the other fields of Bioengineering.

I hope this informational will help you find what you are looking for! Good luck!